Community Insights: Issue 1

Our Community Insights reveal meaningful (and sometimes surprising) student success trends, as opposed to conventional best practices. Here are highlights from our findings:

Engagement Matters. LMS data is highly predictive of success for both on-ground and online institutions—80% of those included in this sample had LMS activity in their top ten predictors.

Understanding High GPA Departures. It’s not just failure that causes students to leave an institution. In fact, 99% of institutions in this sample were losing more students above 2.0 GPA than below it.

Course Grades Matter. Course grades are strong signals of graduation likelihood and it's not just failing grades that matter. For example, in certain courses a C may not have an impact on persistence but may dramatically reduce the likelihood of graduation.

Finding the True Impact of Student Success Initiatives. Knowing specific programs that are improving student success metrics is vital. This can help combat initiative fatigue and answer tough resource allocation questions.

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