Community Insights: Issue 2

Our second issue of Community Insights is gleaned from aggregated data using 4 million student records to reveal meaningful insights to support your work in student success. 

Here are highlights from our findings:

  • Which Engagement Matters Most. Our research shows four types of LMS activity that are consistently more predictive of student success than others, including attendance and course material engagement.

  • Deeper Insights on High GPA Departures. 98% of institutions in this study are losing more students with GPAs above 2.0 than below. We dive in for a deeper look at this new silent majority leaving our institutions in huge numbers.

  • Predictive Value of College Admissions Considerations. We explore the predictive value that high school performance data have in comparison to admissions tests like the SAT and ACT. 


It's all part of our growing community committed to learning together.


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