Dr. Mark Milliron explores the parallels between the healthcare crisis of 15 years ago and where higher education stands today. Drawing on his former experience leading the Medical and Education Practice at the SAS Institute at the time, he shares findings from the data and analytics revolution in health care that include:
  • How Christopher Murray’s team uncovered better data on what was really hurting and killing people worldwide.

  • How their method for measuring the impact of health threats had the shocking result of ranking the United States as only the 37 th  best country in the world in terms of health outcomes.

  • How their data showed that what we were focusing on funding and fighting was working neither to the best benefit of the country, nor our citizens.

  • How strategic digitization of data from silos helped researchers, hospitals, states and countries pull massive data sets together to tell comprehensive stories about health challenges people were facing.

  • The result has been real change in the world of healthcare. Now it’s higher education’s turn.

Learn how the emerging Student Success Platform is instrumental in driving this timely opportunity for healthy change across higher education.

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