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Emerging Benchmarks & Student Success Trends From Across The Civitas

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Issue 4, MAY 2018

We turn our attention to another often underserved student population: those who nearly complete their education, but for one reason or another, are at risk of leaving their current institution without earning a degree.

Issue 3, October 2017

On average, part-time students across all types of institutions are attempting 3.6 courses per term

6.10 percentage point increase in median persistence rate between students who took three courses versus two courses across all institutions

Largest increase in median persistence rate (14.91%pp) is between community college students taking one course per term versus those taking two

Issue 2, December 2016

98.3% of institutions are losing more students with 2.0 GPA or higher than below 2.0

Most predictive LMS activities include attendance, grades, course material engagement and discussion board engagement

For 50% of institutions, high school data is more predictive than test scores

Issue 1, June 2016

80% of the institutions had LMS activity in their top 10 predictive variables

On average, 42% of students who leave do so with GPAs in the 3.0 to 4.0 range. This is true across institution types and sizes.

Students who earn a C in Yellow Flag courses tend to persist but not graduate