Webinar Recording

Designing clear & structured educational experiences

Watch the webinar to learn how Lorain CCC:


  • Used institution-and student-specific data to inform policy changes
  • Enhanced enrollment to understand student goals early on
  • Restructured programs to enable efficient degree exploration
  • Embeded advising and support along students' journeys
  • Empowered students to maximize their time and make decisions



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Meet Our Speakers:

stephanie sutton.png

Stephanie Sutton
Associate Provost of Enrollment Management & Student SuccessStephanie is a proud graduate of the community college system and worked in various positions including Director of Financial Aid and Dean of Enrollment, Financial, and Career services, and serves as an adjunct faculty member. With more than 30 years of experience, she is an AACC Pathways Institute Coach and has presented at the state and national level on financial aid, enrollment services, guided pathways, advising redesign, and other student success initiatives.

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Krista O'Neil
Coordinator of Advising & Counseling Services Krista has direct supervisory and evaluation responsibilities for enrollment services advising and support staff. With 32 years of experience in advising students, she has been honored by the National Academic Advising Association as one of 13 "Outstanding Advisors" nationally and the only Academic Advisor from Ohio. She has been an active participant in LCCC's Completion by design and Achieving the Dream initiatives

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