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  • Degree Map fits into an integrated student success strategy
  • Personalized degree planning can better inform student decisions
  • Powerful course insights enable advisors to guide students
  • Advisor feedback was incorporated in the roll out of Degree Map to all students



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Meet Our Speakers:

Angela Baldasare

Angela Baldasare
Assistant Provost for Institutional Research, University of ArizonaHaving earned her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Arizona, Angela is a proud alumna dedicated to the success of the UA’s students and the institution. From 2010-2014, she served as the Director of Divisional Assessment & Research for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management at The UA, where she led the charge in advancing the division’s data-driven approach and strategic plan. In 2014, Institutional Research joined with the Enterprise Information & Analytics unit to form University Analytics & Institutional Research (UAIR). Angela has been a key leading member of this effort, to provide institutional research and analytics support for the University in strategic planning, management decision-making, and policy analysis.

Meredith Aronson

Meredith Aronson
Manager, Integrated Advising Analytics, University of ArizonaMeredith earned her Ph.D. from Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Arizona, and for over a decade, did research and teaching in the College of Engineering. After working with a team of anthropologists invested in learning and organizational change at the Institute for Research on Learning and Xerox PARC, she applied those efforts as the Founding Director of the Interdisciplinary Design Program for the UA College of Engineering. She managed several large projects with the Office of Economic and Workforce Development at Penn State and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. She is the President of SpireWirk, a Tucson-based consultancy that uses data-driven strategies and place-based analysis of regional talent and economic systems.

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